Ventzislav Petrov 

Images are a powerful language which can express what can not be said easily. Creating strong and powerful images is a pleasure and a mission for me. For you, it could be a tangible investment in art, but also a great advantage in today’s competitive world!

I work in different areas of photography, you can look at my porfolio for a reference. Even if you do not see a similar project to yours, if the goal is high, challenging and difficult…, do not hesitate, contact me!

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I am author of a number of projects and works for leading Bulgarian and foreign companies. My photographs are bought and are in the collections of galleries, diplomats and art connoisseurs in Bulgaria and the EU.
Author, leader and participant in the creation of advertising designs and strategies for media and commercial companies in Bulgaria and the EU. I have realized many successful projects in the field of visual arts as an stand-alone author and a series of collaborations in different aspects of art.

Speaker of high forums, higher education institutions and tutoring photography courses. I am an author of research and analysis of cameras, optics and two dimensional plastic environments.
A photography researcher, I work mostly in the border areas between art, society and technology.

Interests: Photographic and design projects with high requirements, advertising photography, special projects harmoniously combining technology, art and high goals such as visual language.

Experience: More than 30 years of work with photo technology and photo processes. I’ve been working with photography since the time of chemical processes. I have worked in photography, tape cinematography, sound and editing. I have years of experience in the “dark room”.

Besides photography I have many years of experience and realized projects in the field of high information technologies and communications.
My spare time I prefer to spend in the wild, I’ve spent most of my life has in the mountains. Nature is a great teacher… I create and manage large social networks and projects combining socium, high level technology and people with different interests in the field of extreme sports and high technology.
Over the years I have gained specific knowledge in the aspect of digital processes and special radio electronics. Today, this helps me a lot in working with modern technology. Photography is an alloy of art and high technology. Only excellent knowledge of all component areas can be a guarantee for perfect results and high goals.

There is no middle ground in photography. The line between high art and regular registration is as thin as ice. I do not compromise in any aspect, including the technology I work with.

The whole way of creating a picture is creative only when it is a pleasure and is far from a routine, that’s why I make special efforts…

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